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Sunday School

Sunday school for the children is held during the 10:00 AM service after a short children’s message/ sermon given by the pastor, while the adults stay to hear the pastor’s full sermon and complete the service. We have classes according to your child's age; we also have a confirmation program open to youth in grade 8 and up.

The First Congregational Church understands how busy families are today, with most hours of the day planned around family, sports, and activities, so we try to make your spiritual experience as convenient as possible.

Do you have little ones too young for SS class? We also have nursery care for infants aged up to 4 years-old every Sunday. If you have any questions, contact the Sunday school director at

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Sunday School         Confirmation Program

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Sunday School Registration Form

About Our Programs

We are a Bible-centered church using a two-year curriculum which offers 24 Bible lessons that repeat over a four year timeline. The subject matter of the lessons increases in maturity each year.
The individual SS classes are arranged according to the age groups of the present year class and can vary in number according to the number of children in the SS that year. 
The Sunday school children all start in worship at 10am with the congregation and then proceed to their classes after a children's sermon with the pastor.
We have formal classes ranging from preschool to high school including a one-year confirmation program for youths in the 8th grade and up.
The Sunday school has a very active intergenerational program and engages with the congregation many times throughout the year.
There are three major missions that the Sunday school leads the congregation and fundraises for: Project Joy, Heifer International, and End 68 Hours of Hunger
If you are interested in contacting the Superintendent
about our Sunday school you can email Donna Makechnie at:


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Toys on a Shelf

Nursery Available

We have child care during the worship service. There will be an attendant in place by 9:45 to get your little one situated. The nursery is down the main hall just beyond the elevator, on the left. Just in case you are not aware, there are also rocking chairs in the Narthex (behind viewing window at back of church) positioned directly under a speaker so that you will not miss the worship service should your little one need a little comforting. Please sign your child in, leave your name and list any issues the attendant may need to tend to.

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