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Thank you to all who came out!


What a great day to find yourself among your “church” friends, along with your extended family members and friends you have not yet met but will enjoy meeting them and we’ll all be friends by the end of this day’s festival.

LobsterFest, what a day!
August 5, 2023

After many meetings: developing a menu, shopping several stores for the best prices and securing a fixed price for a quantity of lobsters direct from the fisherman’s boat, the Fundraising Committee selected a date and began hyping it up thru church notices, posters, press releases and word of mouth. We secured / borrowed two large gas-grills, one from a Danvers source and Alan’s “sister” grille. We moved into high gear acquiring the supplies we would need; napkins, table coverings, cooking pans with lids, containers to distribute chowder and coleslaw, salts and pepper seasonings, paper towel rolls for each table, potato chips, condiments, hamburgers, cheese, hotdogs, rolls and eating utensils, spring water, juice drinks, iced tea and lemonade...and lots of ICE!  And of course, most importantly, prayers for a sunny day!​ We solicited help from the Women’s Guild to provide individual packaged dessert items and WOW, did the Guild respond! We recruited a crew of volunteers to assist in setting up for our outdoors event.


Our day began about 11:00 am moving the grills into place, setting up the twenty tables and lots of chairs from Fellowship Hall to our parking area. Sounds easy but in reality it was quite intense! Tables were also needed to distribute the foods and the cold beverages and a “meet and greet” table, manned by Reverend Paul who also assisted in selling 50/50 raffle tickets. A big THANK YOU to Reverend Paul! In summary, the whole event was memorable, our first “family-style” gathering, since Covid, where we were able to relax, share in a common meal, enjoying many conversations with friends and family and raised a few dollars for our church. 

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