Welcome to our Sunday school program!

If you are looking at this page you must be interested in bringing your child/children to our SS program. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we are not at this time having in-person classes BUT we will be getting together online using Zoom to stay connected with All SS Get Togethers and individual SS classes.

If you are interested in joining us online please email the SS Superintendent (email below) or call the church office (603-926-2837)and I will call you back! Below are a few facts for when we can be together in Christ again.

Sunday school children attend the first 1/2 of the service with their families. After the children’s sermon, children will proceed to their prospective classes where they will stay until service is over. We are a very active multi-generational church with many shared missions and activities.

We have 4 age-appropriate classes for the children to attend ranging from preschool (4 yrs old) to High school level.

We have 2 nursery attendants to care for infants up to 4 yrs old. They have their own nursery room near the front of the sanctuary. If your child is wary of newcomers please feel free to stay with them as you listen to the service over a speaker in the room.

We offer a 2 yr confirmation class for youths in grades 8 and 9.

Any questions may be directed to the SS superintendent

Donna Makechnie at: sundayschool@fcchampton.org

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