2020 6 Month Highlights

2nd cow


  • The Sunday School Heifer project brought in $1,220 to help provide for animals
  • This provided for 3 irrigation pumps, pair of Alpaca, 2 goats, a pig, 4 ducks and a share of sheep
  • In conjunction with donations, they put on a talent show in the first quarter.
  • This can be seen on the church You Tube website
ski hat
  • Seafarers Friends out of Chelsea, Ma. asked for help of supplies for sailors who are staying on board much longer due to ports being shut down because of the Covid crisis.  Especially warm hats were needed.
  • The women's knitting group arose to the occasion knitting, which yielded a total of 47 hats that were sent to the sailors.
  • Zimbawbe contributions of needed supplies to be put into the container shipped out and are on their way
  • A major help to the country was an $800 contribution to buy them a pump and water cistern, which was badly needed
  • We gifted $600 to Seacoast Family Promise and $600 to Seacoast Youth Services.
  • Both of these nonprofits are part of the church annual group of missions
  • The Tools & Blankets mission brought in $510
2nd tree

Up Coming Events


The Crop Walk will be the next big area of focus for the church in early October.

  • It will probably be a virtual walk in light of the Covid pandamic
  • We are currently looking at staffing our opening for an FCC Crop Walk Team Leader


  • Look for more details in the weekly announcements in your email.

Ask Us

The mission Committee is available to answer questions you may have about missions or how you may participate in working with them.

Sammi Moe, Lucy Champion, Susan Dixon, Annmarie Sorrow and Reverend Deb Knowlton

Mission Group
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