Monthly Highlights

  • Church World Service Bucket Mission raised over $800
  • This will provide clean up kits for families that have faced disasters such as fires, hurricanes or tsunamis.  It will also provide blankets and tools.
lemonade stand two
  • A family from our church sponsored a lemonade stand with their grandchildren to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research at CHaD (Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth).
  • This facility has been where a child, who has been on our prayer chain for several months, stays for periods of of treatments.
  • Many of our church family supported this event and the children raised over $850.
  • This was a "Pop Up" mission.
  • On Dr. Kennedy's recent visit to our church, our congregation gave $1,400  cash donation.
  • It will be used for newly placed clergy in Zimbabwe who are serving very small, poor churches and have not been paid for the last 4 years.
  • We gifted $1,175 to Our Church's Wider Mission (OCWM), that serves state and national churches.
  • Some of the monies goes to Rockingham Assoc. to support seminary students, the NH Conference of the UCC for their work with churches.
  • Examples of support include helping a church with a clergy search, getting special speakers and facilitation of dealing with key church issues.
2nd tree

Up Coming Events

  • Annual Crop Walk will be featured in the early fall. You can go to the Facebook page where a link will be provided, if you choose to donate.
  • Cross Roads Dinner Meal.
  • Look for other pop up missions
  • Look for more details in Sunday bulletins.

Ask Us

The mission Committee is available to answer questions you may have about missions or how you may participate in working with them.

Sammi Moe, Lucy Champion, Susan Dixon, Annmarie Sorrow and Reverend Deb Knowlton

Mission Group
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