Church School

Sunday School News 2019

WELCOME! Sunday School will formally start on Sunday, Sept 8th @ 10am!

Sunday school children attend the first 1/2 of the service with the adults. BRING YOUR SUNFLOWERS for the children’s sermon so we can determine which one is the tallest. Afterward, children will proceed to their prospective classes. Before the end of the worship, all children will be invited back upstairs to share in the “Welcome Home” Communion. Don’t forget you will also be meeting with your secret pal!  Look for your name tag which will look just like your pal’s.

We have 4 age-appropriate classes for the children to attend ranging from preschool (4 yrs old) to High school level.

We have 2 nursery attendants to care for infants up to 4 yrs old. They have their own nursery room near the front of the sanctuary.

We offer a 2 yr confirmation class for youths in grades 8 and 9.

Any questions may be directed to the SS superintendent

Donna Makechnie at:

Nursery Care

Nursery: We have child care during the worship service. Beginning on Sunday, September 9, there will be an attendant in place by 9:45 to get your little one situated. The nursery is down the main hall just beyond the elevator, on the left. Just in case you are not aware, there are also rocking chairs in the Narthex (behind viewing window at back of church) positioned directly under a speaker so that you will not miss the worship service should your little one need a little comforting. Please sign your child in, leave your name and list any issues the attendant may need to tend to.