Fall Offerings for Adult Study

Monday Evening Biblestudy Schedule

Short Stories by Jesus 

Two more sessions (Nov 4 and 11). In this study, based on Amy-Jill Levine’s book, entitled, Short Stories by Jesus, Professor Levine analyzes the “enigmatic” patables. She takes readers back through history to give them an idea of how the first century Jewish audience would have heard the parables. Then, she interprets many of the different interpretations that have come down from Jewish and Christian scholars so the contemporary reader can show how the parables are not just about Jesus, but are also about us.  Such parables still challenge and provoke our imaginations today, 2000 years later. The last two are: The Laborers in the Vineyard and The Widow and the Judge. Ssessions are from 7-8PM in Fellowship Hall.

Mary Had a Baby

Beginning on November 20 and continuing on Wednesdays at noontime through December 11 participants in this study will look at the scriptural and historical background behind four African American Christmas Carols. We will look also at the history of a couple of Hampton African Americans and imagine together what their Christmas celebration was like in the Puritan congregation of Hampton. If schedules permit we might conclude with a trip to the Emmanuel Theater in Boston to see the production of the Black Nativity written by Langston Hughes and hear some of this marvelous music. Books may be had for a suggested donation of $10 and sessions meet in the first classroom on the right up the ramp in Fellowship Hall.